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Managing Organizational Change in a SharePoint ECM Project

Many SharePoint ECM projects fail not because the technology implementation was flawed or the business process did not provide the desired enhancements, but because the end users found ways around the system. SharePoint ECM projects suffer from the ‘It was easier before’ syndrome....

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Lessons From the Knee of the Master: Battle-Tested Tips for ECM Success

At best, tools and technology can facilitate adoption and at worst they can constrain it, but the best tool in the world will not help if you are not helping real-world business users solve real-world business problems

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If BPM is important, use it!

Recent findings in the AIIM Industry Watch Report titled Business Process Management: Are we Making the Most of Content-Driven Processes , show that 69% of the 495 responding companies consider BPM to be significant or imperative and 62% indicate they believe they have only addressed 1/5 of the...

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Why best-practices are the best practice

But it often turns out badly because mistakes can be made, and opportunities can be missed, that could have been readily avoided if only industry best practices would have been followed. My clients and my students well know that I am a big fan of leveraging knowledge gained at somebody else's expense, which really is what best practices are. Why invent the wheel if someone has already figured out that a round shape is best for locomotion?

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The need for SharePoint best practices

I would also like to inform you that AIIM has just introduced a SharePoint training program covering best practices for sharing and managing information on the SharePoint platform

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SharePoint vs. ECM 'Suites' vs. 'Best of Breed'

We're sitting amidst a technology confluence of a sort we’ve never seen before, and an old argument recently seems to have gained new life: Is it better to buy an integrated ECM Suite from a single vendor, or to go the “Best of Breed” route and assemble a solution of your own?

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How to Determine the Best Form for your Taxonomy

The extent to which you want to give a visual representation of a domain that is easy to comprehend and navigate – system maps and matrices do this best, facets don’t support this function quite so well, because users have to decompose their queries into the various facet elements

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The Best of AIIM 2012: Collaboration, the Cloud, Dynamic Content, and More

Featuring the best of AIIM 2012 held in San Francisco this March; our virtual conference lets you take in sessions you wanted to see but may have missed

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