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Managing Organizational Change in a SharePoint ECM Project

Many SharePoint ECM projects fail not because the technology implementation was flawed or the business process did not provide the desired enhancements, but because the end users found ways around the system. SharePoint ECM projects suffer from the ‘It was easier before’ syndrome....

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If BPM is important, use it!

Recent findings in the AIIM Industry Watch Report titled Business Process Management: Are we Making the Most of Content-Driven Processes , show that 69% of the 495 responding companies consider BPM to be significant or imperative and 62% indicate they believe they have only addressed 1/5 of the...

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Why best-practices are the best practice

if only industry best practices would...s expense, which really is what best for locomotion? Everybody knows...out on your own. These best practices are...your best practice is certainly to avail

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The Best of AIIM 2012: Collaboration, the Cloud, Dynamic Content, and More

Virtual Conference? Featuring the best The Best of AIIM Conference 2012...looking at how they can best maximize their

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