The need for SharePoint best practices

By Atle Skjekkeland posted 07-29-2010 08:11



SharePoint has become one of Microsoft’s fastest selling products of all time. Collaboration is the most popular application, followed closely by document management and file-share replacement. Portals and intranets are the next most popular usage. But implementing SharePoint requires proper planning, and below are some of most common problems according to new AIIM research;

  • 23% found it to be technically more difficult to implement than they were expecting, with 18% struggling with performance or infrastructure issues
  • A third of implementing organizations have no plans as to where, and where not, to use SharePoint, suggesting a lack of management direction
  • Team site sprawl, with no policy on ownership and end-of-life, is an issue for a quarter of users
  • 58% of active users do have a policy on site ownership and responsibilities, but only 19% on end-of-life
  • Granularity of security and poor provision of records management were cited as technical shortcomings by 28% of users

What are your challenges? Please share lessons learnt, - either as community blog post, discussions, or wiki checklists.


I would also like to inform you that AIIM has just introduced a SharePoint training program covering best practices for sharing and managing information on the SharePoint platform. The course covers whats' possible with SharePoint 2007 and 2010, but also when you need complementary solutions. Check it out at

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