SharePoint vs. ECM 'Suites' vs. 'Best of Breed'

By Steve Weissman posted 10-14-2010 11:12


We're sitting amidst a technology confluence of a sort we’ve never seen before, and an old argument recently seems to have gained new life:

  • Is it better to buy an integrated ECM Suite from a single vendor, or to go the “Best of Breed” route and assemble a solution of your own?

And now that SharePoint is solidly in the mix – as almost a kind of hybrid of the two – confusion is all the rage.

What are your thoughts on this? I look at SharePoint as much as a platform as an application, and it's described as both a content-slash-records-management system, and not. Either way, the One True Question is "what can it – and/or the 'Suites' and the 'Breeds' – do for me?"

Hear more of my take at – please have a listen and then post your opinion here. Thanks!

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