The Best of AIIM 2012: Collaboration, the Cloud, Dynamic Content, and More

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-30-2012 16:10


Are you ready for the AIIM 2012 Virtual Conference?

Featuring the best of AIIM 2012 held in San Francisco this March; our virtual conference lets you take in sessions you wanted to see but may have missed. Plus, if you weren’t one of the fortunate few to attend AIIM 2012 in person; this online conference gives you a chance to catch up on what you missed. To get you ready for June 7, here are four of the sessions from AIIM 2012. Scroll down and you’ll discover a dissection of the “cloud,” different methods of collaboration, how to manage dynamic content, and how to maximize the use of SharePoint to enable collaboration.

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8 Things You Should Tell Your Boss. An AIIM 2012 Keynote by Atle Skjekkeland, AIIM COO

Atle summarizes the lessons learned and provide a list of projects for transforming your organization. Learn how to document business benefits and establish projects for using content and social technologies to share knowledge and engage with customers; automate and optimize the flow of content associated with operational and administrative processes; and manage information throughout its lifecycle in order to minimize risks and comply with regulations.

The Cloud: Powering Social, Local, Mobile. An AIIM 2012 Session by Chris Riley

You hear "the cloud" everywhere -- radio and TV commercials, technology and business magazines and websites, conversations with your boss and users to "just put it in the cloud," etc. But what IS the cloud? We'll set the baseline and dissect what the cloud is; it's various components; and how those components interact with this new way of business. The Cloud can be broken into four facets: - Software as a service - Infrastructure as a service - Development/test hosting - Cloud-based file systems Each of these facets aligns with social, local, and mobile -- and content management -- in different ways.


2 Types of Collaboration. An AIIM 2012 Session by Billy Cripe

Collaboration comes in many forms and influences how we work. But accidental collaboration is a new phenomenon that has emerged with collaborative and social software. In this presentation, Billy covers the two types of collaboration -- intentional and accidental -- and explores how accidental collaboration, powered by the social technology revolution, is vastly more powerful than other kinds of collaboration. He explores the 10 key requirements for successfully orchestrating accidental collaboration.


Managing Dynamically Changing Content. An AIIM 2012 Session by Linda Larrivee

In November 2011, Ultimate Software was the recipient of a Forrester Groundswell Award for the effectiveness of its social customer community, showing that you can achieve innovation in social technology applications while still achieving key business and organization goals. As a SaaS provider of People Management solutions, it's vital that Ultimate respond quickly to the latest changes from taxing authorities and regulatory agencies, providing timely and accurate communications to customers. Managing related content in a way that enables rapid and dynamic communication is only possible through the application of well-organized structure and controls including single-source authoring. This session looks at how Ultimate Software's Content and Communications team is continuously improving upon how to collect, create and manage information used to support a dynamic customer communications environment.


Maximizing Your SharePoint Investment- Social, Sharing, and Search. AIIM 2012 Session by Bert Sandie

Bert Sandie talks about how EA uses technology to enable company-wide collaboration. Many companies who are using SharePoint are looking at how they can best maximize their investment. This talk will examine the social, sharing, and search features provided by SharePoint 2010. We will take a deep dive at how you can customize what comes out-of-the-box to create a customized solution that meets your company's business needs and embraces your culture. Specifically, we will examine use cases for social profiles, video usage, articles with rich media, activity streams, and how to find all of this information using enterprise search. We will show real-world examples of companies who are gaining significant benefits to their business, employee engagement, and culture by creating thoughtful and innovative SharePoint solutions that meet their employees' needs.

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