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Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance

governance (IG) and how it is often confused...information technology (IT) governance and data...governance . The definitions put forth at times...governance. Let’s clear this up once and

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7 Even Deadlier Sins of Information Governance

Governance ". I enjoyed the article, and I...Governance program. For me, however, what is...Information Governance projects. So let me try and...add some specific Information Governance

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Information governance must include all media, all...governance of all data and information in the...assessment. Information Governance is fast...apply to information governance/electronic

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Data Governance in a World of Big Data and Analytics

“Data Governance.” Data...Governance is enforced in this new day and age...issue of data governance, let’s have a...Radically re-think what data governance is

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When Managing Your Content, Don't Forget the Data

Today I’m going to talk about an overlooked part of the Content Management picture, data. I know that this seems a little strange but bear with me. Let’s assume for a moment that you are in a regulated industry or that you are generally paranoid. (Most regulated industries are rife...

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Pirates, Data Protection and the Cloud

I wish I was a pirate. You know, sailing on the open seas, parrot on my shoulder, bottle of Jamaican rum in one hand and a treasure map in the other. That would be the life. That treasure map would be my pride and joy – the key to my happiness and success. It would give me confidence...

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