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AIIM Road Show - ECM Fast Forward

The roadshow started off in Bellevue, WA. with the Vendors giving a short introduction of the software and hardware products that are being showcased at the event. John Mancini, President of AIIM, was very professional and comfortable as always in his role as the host. He encouraged attendees...

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Musings from AIIM 2010

This year I was only able to go to the show for one day, as a day trip. This year was my 24 th show in a row. I understand next year the show will be back in DC, which will be a treat since that’s where I live

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AiimEx.., er, I Mean Info360

We have been informed that this is the final year the show will include a reference to AIIM Expo. Yeah, yeah, the show was sold to Questex a long time ago, legal agreements, blah blah blah… who cares?

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Meet the AIIM Team- Peggy Winton

School of Rock (“One great rock show can change the world”) Summer or Winter?...(No more large stadium shows for me after I lost my car at a Grateful Dead show)

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AIIM Buzz Round Up - Who's Talking About Recent Research?

Feb 7/12: Blog - Paperless Office Significantly Improves Customer Response Times, Study Shows Feb 7/12: ReadWriteWeb Enterprise - Study: PDF May Be Creating More Paperwork Than It Saves Feb 7/12: Idatix Blog: Going Paperless & Customer Service: The good, the bad & the ugly Feb 8/12: CMSWire - Dreams of the Paper Free Office Feb 8/12: Wall Stree Journal blogs - PDFs Mean Paperless Office Still a Dream Feb 13/12: Top PC Support - Paperless Office???

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Comcast, unlike Apple or Google, doesn’t keep it simple!

Comcast has experienced a lot of bad press and customer feedback the last few years; searching for “ Comcast” on YouTube still shows “A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch ” as the first result (ahead of all Comcast-produced videos)

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