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By Bob Zagami posted 02-11-2014 16:52


There is a lot of buzz around this year’s Service Provider Executive ForumMost of it is very positive but there are a few members of our community who have reached out to me to ask what is different this year and why the price increase from what they had paid a few years ago.

Well let’s be honest here, is there anybody among us who has not raised prices on some of their products and services since November 2012, when we last held this event in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Probably not.

The early-bird pricing, effective through February 28, is only $995. That equates to about $2.73 a day, or what you might pay for a cup of coffee on your way to work in the morning. Is the education and networking you get at this event worth a cup of coffee? I would argue that it’s worth a lot more than that.

More importantly, this isn’t just the same conference for more money. AIIM listened to the service provider community as frustration mounted over an event that had outlived its usefulness and importance to many attendees. They decided not to hold an event in 2013, redesigned the new event, brought in the best thought leaders and industry experts and then made it even more attractive to our community by co-locating it with the incredibly successful AIIM Conference (that is in its third year under the association's full control).  Just like you need to change your business to stay relevant to your customers, so does AIIM, because you are “their” customers.

This year, there will be 4 unique end user presentations with follow-up round table discussions. You'll hear what's keeping them up at night, then break into groups to discuss how you can meet their challenges and win their business.

We have six business partners that have stepped up to engage with you throughout the event. These companies will show you how to improve your business processes in providing the services your customers are demanding and expecting you to deliver on. We ask our customers to change their business processes with our solutions. So doesn’t it make sense that we too must change? These companies will be with you in a much more interactive environment than you have seen in the past. They will participate on panel discussions and be sitting next to you in round table networking events.

One of our partners sponsored the new AIIM State of the Service Provider Industry Survey that over 300 people have already participated in. The results of the survey will be presented in Orlando, followed by a panel discussion on the findings and how you can put the information to use as soon as you arrive back at the office.

For the first time ever, with the co-location with AIIM14, you will have an opportunity to participate in some events with the 750 senior management executives that attend the AIIM Conference. Just as the SPEF has changed, so also has AIIM. This IS NOT the AIIM show of years past. This is one of the best education conferences in our industry today, totally new, totally different and the audience isn’t tire kickers going through halls of displays looking for free trinkets. This is not a trade show, it’s an education event.

The SPEF is also an education event. Education is an investment, not an expense. Coffee is an expense. Switch a few dollars over to your investment account each day and make your reservations now to be in Orlando with us in April.

Can you really afford not to go to this event?

Contact me directly at or 617-974-3739 to find out more.

Bob Zagami

SPEF14 Chair

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