AIIM 2012: Social, Local, and Mobile is Already Here

By Daniel O'Leary posted 03-22-2012 17:36


What a difference a year makes!

Having just come from the AIIM 2012 conference, I realize how things have changed. A year ago, the iPad was a fad, social meant Facebook, and the cloud was a place on the internet that people were scared of, most of all your Director of IT.

In speaking with attendees this year, the vibe was such that the industry is shifting from a vendor and technology focus to one based on universal best practices and empowering end users. Investments have, for the most part, already been made and now the goal is engaging people, rather than acquiring shelfware.

We’ve realized that the world has fundamentally changed, and if users aren’t provided with approved tools that make life easier, they will acquire their own. Again, users WILL do it on their own, if you don’t do it for them. Think about how much enterprise content is being managed in personal GMail inboxes and on Dropbox.

In case you missed my session, I’ve shared my slides on SlideShare. My goal was to show how real knowledge workers at companies are using iPads and other mobile devices to be incredibly more productive. Specifically, I talked about some of my own experiences with tools like Box, CloudShare, DocuSign, Expensify, and LincDoc.

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