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New Research Identifies Best-in-Class Software for Scanning and Capturing Documents

These results, and others, are included in this new research from AIIM, the Capture Software Product Study...For more information about the Capture Software Product Study visit

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Meet the AIIM Team- Bob Larrivee

This week meet Bob Larrivee, Director, Custom Research

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AIIM Social Business Infographic

AIIM's Full Social Business Report can be found here: #infographic #SocialBusiness #AIIM #sweeeeeet

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The Coming Ubiquity of Mobile: An AIIM12 Q&A with Ray Wang

How Mobile and Location Convergence Will Drive Context in the Future of Apps R “Ray” Wang Principal Analyst and CEO Constellation Research Group Thursday, March 22. 9:00 AM Duhon: In your consulting work, what’s the most common objection to “social business?

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Local - the Neglected Aspect of "SoLoMo"

One of the smartest marketers I've met in recent months runs the day spa at the end of my street. A few times a day, they take their chalkboard and update it with the open slots for manicures or pedicures for the next 1-2 days. And then they put it on the sidewalk. They have taken more...

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More on Pickers

” Recently, while watching American Pickers (for research purposes) I discovered another area where success in ECM utilizes a technique that those guys use – the Bundle

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