New Research Identifies Best-in-Class Software for Scanning and Capturing Documents

By Atle Skjekkeland posted 05-12-2011 12:07


Many organizations are still paper intensive, which makes it costly and time consuming to process and deliver documents to colleagues, partners, or customers. To assist you in finding the right capture software for capturing paper documents, AIIM — with the help of its 65,000 strong community and industry expert Harvey Spencer —asked hundreds of fellow technology users and implementers to share their experience with available capture products.

We asked users and implementers to rate capture products according to 12 factors ranging from ease of use to quality of support. Ease of use is the most important criteria for users, but a solution should also be easy to implement and integrate. Budgets are tough in a tough economy, which is why we also asked existing users and implementers to rate products according to value for money.  

Ad-hoc Imaging is usually the simplest and most straightforward of the capture software products. The generally rely on manual feeding of pages into scanners or MFP devices with manual indexing of fields to locate the document. Users and implementers rated solutions from KnowledgeLake and Notable Solutions as easy to use, but solutions from Canon, Nuance, and Xerox closely followed them.  Notable Solutions and Xerox scored high for quality and level of support, and KnowledgeLake, Notable Solutions, and Nuance scored high for the ability of their products to integrate with other software.

Another category is Batch Imaging, which aremid-range capture solutions that scan and manage higher volumes of pages as batches of documents.Users found Kodak, Laserfiche, and Hyland Software to provide high value for money. Kodak, Oracle (via the company’s acquisition of Captovation), and Laserfiche scored well for their ease of use. Kofax and Laserfiche scored high for their integration.

Batch Transaction Capture Software products automatically extract data from images from a high-volume network scanner. Many organizations use this for automating the processing of incoming invoices; andsolutions from AnyDoc, Brainware, IBM, ReadSoft, and Top Image Systems scored high for their ease of use.

These results, and others, are included in this new research from AIIM, the Capture Software Product Study. This study describes more than 140 products from almost 70 vendors. We required that products be rated by at least 10 users and implementers before including that product’s rating in the report. Industry expert Harvey Spencer did an excellent job describing the leading Capture products.

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