Meet the AIIM Team- Jesse Wilkins

By Felicia Dillard posted 07-09-2014 16:08


Behind the AIIM logo is a group of passionate and dedicated professionals focused on serving our wonderful community of information professionals.

Together, we are AIIM!

This week we meet Jesse Wilkins, CIP, Director, Research and Development. Jesse has been with AIIM since November 2010. He is a former Drill Instructor for the United States Marine Corp, which explains his precision in developing and executing a plan, as well as his uncanny ability to keep a poker face in any situation. He also uses his special skills to develop and deliver AIIM’s training courses. He is passionate about helping others learn and patient in the process.

Jesse is from Denver, Colorado. He shares his life there with his wife and daughter. He’s a multitasker and can be found on his walking desk (pictured below). Yes! He works on that daily; walking, reading, and typing. Oh my! Let’s meet Jesse.

Jesse Wilkins, CIP

Director, Research and Development


Twitter: @jessewilkins

What do you do and what do love about it?

I develop and deliver training content. I love thinking through how to make complex topics simple and providing practical solutions for our students.

Describe yourself using 3 words only.

Intense. Passionate. Chocoholic.

What are you proudest of?

My time in the US Marine Corp, especially the time I served as a Drill Instructor.

At AIIM, I am most proud of completing the introduction of the Certified Information Professional (CIP) program development and launch. Also, the development of the Social Business Roadmap, the first research project I worked on at AIIM.

What movie, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, do you have to watch when it’s on?

Full Metal Jacket

Summer or Winter?


Favorite color?

Olive drab

What do you do for fun?

I play World of Warcraft - retribution paladin. I love the immersion. For the Horde!

I do a lot of mud runs. I’ve done two so far this year. Ha, one run, the Savage race in Florida, was the day before the #AIIM14 Pre-cons. Georgina (AIIM’s Events Director) said if I got hurt she would never forgive me since I was delivering a pre-con the next day. I delivered the pre-con, all’s well that ends well. I train in a running vest that weighs 10 lbs., plus I use a full Corp backpack weighing 20-40 lbs. I have four more runs planned for this year, so far……..

Go AIIM Team!

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