Local - the Neglected Aspect of "SoLoMo"

By Cheryl McKinnon posted 09-30-2011 08:48


One of the smartest marketers I've met in recent months runs the day spa at the end of my street. A few times a day, they take their chalkboard and update it with the open slots for manicures or pedicures for the next 1-2 days. And then they put it on the sidewalk.

They have taken more of my spur-of-the-moment dollars spent than any other "brand" I can think of. It works because as I walk home each day, I see their availability and can make a snap decision if their openings synch up with my free time. I win because usually know my schedule of calls and meetings for the next 1-2 days, but rarely for 1-2 weeks out. They win because they're keeping their staff busy and generating revenue with otherwise unfilled time slots.

"Social, Local and Mobile" one of the more interesting ways to think about content creation, delivery and consumption in 2011. But when we say "Local",   I bet we all think "apps".  

Truth be told, if my phone buzzed and got text messages telling me the open appointment times because I was in the neighbourhood, I'd probably be annoyed and unsubscribe. It would be too much of a hard sell and annoyance.

Communication via online communities and social platforms is truly revolutionary. But the real power of engagement still remains in person. Local is where bonds of shared causes and purposes can be demonstrated. One of my good friends and associates Elise Segar wrote this week about the value of volunteer work and the unintended good consequences of actual lead generation and referrals.

It's why our Ottawa AIIM chapter came together to participate in-person as part of the recent Social Business Virtual Conference - nods and smiles, frowns and disagreements were the cues to start the discussion and ask questions. Newbies could lean over and whisper a question if a term was used that they didn't understand. Afterwards, at our Thirsty Thursday event, cards were exchanged, and real business opportunities generated.

Local also really hit home as our planning team met with the local ARMA chapter leads. Over conversation and good wine, we realized how much stronger our advocacy of information and content management issues could be if we collaborated on topics and event dates. There's power in numbers, and raising the profile of the important debates becomes easier when the number of voices are doubled.

I hope that as we in the ECM and Social business community continue to explore the theme of "Social, Local and Mobile" (especially as the new AIIM Conference ramps up for March next year), we think more about what Local really means. It's your in-person community, however you define it: your street, your chapter, your professional peers. 

So let's all think beyond "apps"...



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