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Empowering End Users via Automation

By automating these tasks, you’re taking the burden off of your IT department to manually perform each one, while empowering the end user to take some control of their own content

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When should you bring in end users?

For example: when should you bring in the end users for their perspective on your SharePoint strategy?...End users who participate in the design of a system are more likely to support that system

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There's a New End User in Town

My name is Larry and I am an end-user”. “Hi Larry”, the group responds……… Believe me; it takes a fair amount of courage or perhaps stupidity to acknowledge your membership in the end-user community in a public forum like this

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EPC Group’s SharePoint Server 2010 End User Training Guide

I believe this is something missing from the community and I am hopeful this will help in the development of not only SharePoint end-user training for your organization but Train-the-Trainer and Power User Training for which EPC Group finds so valuable to ensuring a succesful SharePoint Implementation

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What can Katy Perry teach us about end user satisfaction?

So community, what do you think about these approaches to making end users happy?...#questions #sharepoint #ScanningandCapture #katyperry #SharePoint #behavioralconditioning #end-users #training

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ECM and Records Management System Design Issues Impacting End-User Change

This blog provides discussion around key ECM and records management design issues that cause end-users the most change impact. The suggested approaches have the objective of minimizing end-user impact to create a user-friendly system that will remove change barriers and greatly increase sustained end-user adoption. -- Change Barrier 1 - Excessive Metadata Entry One of the biggest impacts on the end-user when implementing an ECM system is the time it takes for end-users to enter metadata

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With great power comes great responsibility, and end users know who is in control

This is directed RIGHT at end users (yes you, reading this at work), vendors please follow along, and be prepared. I really hope that you all have learned just how amazingly powerful your voice is as a single end user given social media

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Managing Organizational Change in a SharePoint ECM Project

By this I am referring to fact that there may actually be more steps to accomplish the same functionality, as perceived by the end user

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