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Where is Cloud Computing Going?

The news about cloud computing is astonishing – new companies are appearing almost daily, new services are being developed and offered, existing companies are quickly filling holes in their products, and new connections among cloud companies are being made

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Getting Lost in the Cloud: Privacy and Cloud Computing

Although cloud computing presents a compelling business case for companies looking to reduce spending, streamline processes, and increase accessibility, the very idea of trans-border data flows raises the hackles of privacy advocates all over the globe

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Cloud Computing and ECM, 5 things you need to know

The age of cloud computing and CECM is finally here and a lot of the people I talk with are looking to convert from their 199X, Windows 95 systems to something more modern

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Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud to Stay Ahead of Competition

These essentially are the immediate benefits that the cloud computing concept brings to the table

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Oh the irony! CIA invests in cloud-based collaboration; maybe you should too?

The idea is certainly sound, for the economics and efficiencies associated with cloud computing in many ways make it the model solution for large enterprises – like the government – that have so many potentially interdependent departments, so large a technology budget, and so great a geographical footprint. And, it is, of course, by definition, entirely consistent with the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy as outlined by U.S

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Jury’s Out on Which is Cloud and Which is SaaS

The question before the jury today is to distinguish between Software as a Service – that’s SaaS to you and me – and Cloud Computing, the latest and snappiest paradigm in play for all your processing needs. All my recent Internet Radio talk about cloud computing has sparked some intensely interesting debates over just what it is and how it is different from SaaS – if, indeed, it is!

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