Jury’s Out on Which is Cloud and Which is SaaS

By Steve Weissman posted 10-18-2010 13:29


The question before the jury today is to distinguish between Software as a Service – that’s SaaS to you and me – and Cloud Computing, the latest and snappiest paradigm in play for all your processing needs.

All my recent Internet Radio talk about cloud computing has sparked some intensely interesting debates over just what it is and how it is different from SaaS – if, indeed, it is! And it probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are almost as many specific definitions for these things as there are people defining them.

The good news is that there is a consensus developing about what they generally are and how they fit together. The bad news is that the conversation has been so badly co-opted by hype and marketeering that not even an ‘official’ definition from the National Institute of Standards and Technology helps all that much.

The result? We’re left with another situation in which we have to figure it all out for ourselves. My take is here – what’s yours?

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