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Special Interest Group: Office 365 / SharePoint

Connecting people, processes, and information using Office 365.

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Solution Success Means User Adoption

Of all the measures of success for information management solution implementations, there is one critical success factor that stands above the rest: user adoption. In other words, your solution is only successful if it is actually used by the people in your organization. User Adoption in...

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Teaming Up with SharePoint, or Collaboration That Counts

Teamwork is like a voyage across the ocean. There are days of quiet water, there are stormy days. To keep the ship afloat, your team should be active, well-coordinated and task-oriented. Navigating in the market ‘ocean’, a modern company is that ship with complex organizational structures,...

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Social Is at the Center of Productivity

At the 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, CEO Nadella shared a new vision for the company with a focus on platforms and productivity. For those of us within the SharePoint community, this change of focus was already well underway. With the release of SharePoint 2013, it was announced...

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Office 365 Groups support teamwork

Welcome to my AIIM blog. This is my first post here and I really hope we can connect and share opinions about how organizations rely on collaboration and communication to get work done and achieve compelling results. Today, I want to talk about "Groups" in Office 365 one of the most recent...

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Determining When to Move SharePoint to the Cloud

Microsoftis now a couple years into their cloud strategy, moving aggressively totransform their long-dominant consumer and enterprise products and platforms tomeet their cloud-first, mobile-first vision of the future. While most wouldagree that Microsoft is directionally-correct in their...

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Case Study: Managing Information - How and Why

This is the second case study type thing I’m trying. It’ll likely be the last for a while as I have nothing left that I can publish without getting sued. Ah, the joys of being an independent consultant. Anyways … This case study has to do with the project referenced in the two posts linked...

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The 2015 Enterprise Flight Path – Will Microsoft Ignite or Combust in the Cloud?

Hey You ... With the Cloud in Your Eyes A little over a month from now the partisan faithful will gather under a sprawling Microsoft tent in Chicago and high-five to the pulsing thump of post enterprise Microsoft -- a mighty convergence of comforting office apps served over slick interfaces...

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The Creation of Content Chaos

How did we get here? It’s taken nearly 10 years to arrive at our current state of Content Chaos—perhaps starting back in 2007 when managing compliance/risk began its steady decline as the primary business driver for investments into ECM systems. At the same, we initiated the rapid...