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AIIM Leadership Council Member - Gimmal 

06-22-2021 07:25

Information is the lifeblood of the enterprise and it must be managed to ensure compliance, security, and usability. It is one of your most valuable assets, and yet it grows at an unmanageable rate. The continuous expansion of the digital workplace makes it almost impossible to utilize your corporate information to its fullest potential.
Gimmal simplifies records and information management with software that captures, manages, governs, and archives information so you can focus on your core mission. We do this by providing a fully-integrated information lifecycle that automates the capture of metadata and maximizes information findability, usability, and productivity. We break down the barriers between information silos, help identify obsolete data, and manage disparate content by providing a common approach for information governance and records management.
Gimmal software allows you to fully manage the lifecycle of content in SharePoint, Office 365, box, SAP, and other platforms. Learn more at

24 Greenway Plaza
Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77046
United States
(877) 944-6625


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