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Design Systems: managing the complexities of customer experiences

Achieve consistency across all digital touchpoints and increase efficiency while scaling design activities. Join us on 28 September, at 14:00 CET, to learn from experts why organizations need Design Systems and how to use and maintain them to create recognizable customer experiences. About the...

 09-28-2021 | 14:00 - 15:00 CET

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One day after Microsoft launches OneDrive to replace SkyDrive, Microsoft has announced plans to rebrand its Office Web Apps to Office online

This actually makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to do this as everything had become an "App" in true technical conversations. When speaking with the business side of a SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 Hybrid initiative (and even in Azure) you would have to detail what exactly an "...

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What people are looking for in a CMS/WCM solution today - Changing world of WCM/ CMS solutions!

I am seeing a change in the way CMS solutions are being conceptualized and are being implemented. Some of the key observations from my experiences with customers, partners and consumers: CIO (IT) and CMO (Marketing) organizations are conceptualizing the needs (not necessarily the...

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From HTML pages to WCMs

With the web just turning 20 a few days ago , and the first website ever back online , I thought it would be a good time to reflect how far web technology has come. From the basic hand coded HTML 1.0 web pages to complex WCMs managing thousands of pages in near-real time...

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Evolution of UX in Microsoft Stack

Touch interface is changing the way we interact with computing devices. Touch brought a revolutionary change in mobile industry with smart phones and tablets. Now this technology is moving from Smart phones to desktop software. Using touch screen in place of keyboards & mouse, makes...

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"We don't do social media here." Really?

I had an interesting discussion last week about social media and governance. The person's perspective was that his organization didn't have to worry about social media governance because his IT team blocks the more common services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the firewall. Let me lay...

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Social Media Integration: What’s the limit for Banks?

Social media, with over one billion monthly active visitors, has become an obvious choice for enterprises when it comes to brand promotion and customer engagement. With an exposure to such a huge user base, banking institutions (especially retail banks) from all around the world are trying their...

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I Wrote This on My iPad

Seriously, is that cool or what? Last week, I was led to an article on Information Week’s site that called Microsoft’s Office Web Apps for iPad a “Game Changer”. I don’t know about that, I see it more like the umpire yelling “ Play Ball! ” Up until now...

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Asking for employees' social media passwords is a really bad idea

Over the last year there have been a number of reports of employers asking their employees to disclose social media passwords as part of ongoing monitoring of acceptable usage or inappropriate behavior. Other reports have surfaced regarding potential employers asking prospective employees to...

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