The Web Isn't Dead Yet

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 06-27-2012 14:34


Growing up I remember watching many cartoons, movies, TV shows, etc. where the bad guy would pretty much have the battle won, but instead of finishing off their opponent, they would gloat and stand around as if the victory is already won.  A similar thing is going on right now with social media and the web.  Social media avenues such as facebook and twitter are gaining more and more prominence.  As businesses are taking advantage of these means to disseminate information they are forgetting about the more traditional conduits of information such as their regular websites. 

Being a dad of a pre-schooler it is important to be able to access the hours of places that have open gyms and know when museums are open to the public and not just field trips.  Unfortunately social media has created a barrier to the accessibility of this information.  When visiting a company's website, on multiple occasions, the website say nothing about the business being closed to the public.  Upon arrival the business will turn us away telling us that we should have checked their facebook page.

We are on the dawn of the mobile area with Web 2.0 in its twilight.  The web may be on life support, but it isn't dead yet.  As information managers, as we make information accessible lets not neglect to cover all of our bases.  Until a website truly dies let us not forget why parallel operations are so key in getting information out to the public. 

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