One day after Microsoft launches OneDrive to replace SkyDrive, Microsoft has announced plans to rebrand its Office Web Apps to Office online

By Errin O'Connor posted 02-21-2014 06:00


This actually makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to do this as everything had become an "App" in true technical conversations. When speaking with the business side of a SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 Hybrid initiative (and even in Azure) you would have to detail what exactly an "App" was and with those users in organization's with previous experience in either SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 and Web Parts, with the ability to add an "App Part" to a Site site definitely can get confusing for end users and Power users alike.

The Power Users have asked, "So I can add a new document library to a site but that is done via selecting a new App and then I add that to the page in the same way I added a document library "web part" (i.e. List) in previous versions of SharePoint."  Keeping it straightforward is the name of the game here and when also talking in a "Custom Application or true AppDev situation for a Business Intelligence or Workflow related type efforts, this will help the "technical business analysts" who have to be able to work with the business and translate "business speak" into "technical speak" and an improved overall application development lifecycle and related end user testing or UAT prior to go live with any small bug fixes or updates.

From an overall Information Architecture as well as underlying System Architecture Governance perspective, this will help project teams and organizations draw the "line in the sand" in conversations regarding Out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013 \ Office 365 | SharePoint Online capabilities and what they may understand as a true App or something they may have seen in their browser editing an Excel document via an Office Web App (or of course a custom .NET App that may have been "home grown" over time).


Just a day after Microsoft launched its OneDrive cloud storage to replace SkyDrive, the tech giant has announced plans to rebrand its Office Web Apps to Office online. 

The decision to rename the software comes after complaints from customers that including "Apps" in the title had been confusing. Many assumed that Office Web Apps were installable applications, rather than online Office variants.

Consequently, changing the name to Office Online should help simplify Microsoft's free web versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. With such fierce competition between Microsoft Office Online and Google Drive, it may be a step towards levelling the playing field.  (Article this AM from ITProPortal)


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