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Reduce Your Requirements

Oh, I'm not knocking the project manager-centric tools, or the drag-and-drop list interfaces, or the latest it-looks-just-like-Windows 8-live-tiles solutions...Does the interface match the way that people need to work?

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Whose Design is it?

A flexible, dynamic, configurable user interface was bypassed for a static, albeit intuitive interface so that documentation could be written and cross-training better supported

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An Important Event and A Shameless Plug

It doesn’t take much study to understand that systems are used more when they are easy to use, when they make sense and when the interface has an intuitive feel

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The 2015 Enterprise Flight Path – Will Microsoft Ignite or Combust in the Cloud?

With the Cloud in Your Eyes A little over a month from now the partisan faithful will gather under a sprawling Microsoft tent in Chicago and high-five to the pulsing thump of post enterprise Microsoft -- a mighty convergence of comforting office apps served over slick interfaces that can be reconfigured as no code solutions by single sign-on citizen developers

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It’s the Users... An Old Story Repeated Many Times

In interviewing users, they all had a variation on the same theme, the system was implemented without consulting them, they were not given adequate training (even now), there was no governance provided on how to name files, and they didn’t like the user interface (“It is not how I work!

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Driving End User Adoption in SharePoint - SharePoint's Purpose is to Increase Your Productivity

Executive & business sponsorship is key Can’t just be an IT driven project Define business goals, vision & success criteria Then measure & report actuals vs. planned Begin with the end in mind Plan for multiple phases & iterations – don’t try to boil the ocean Develop a release roadmap Information architecture, governance & (simple) templates are huge Consider use case scenarios, usability & the user interface How will end users interact?

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Test Test Test & Convert your leads!

It is a tool for the organizations of tomorrow who wish to empower their users to decide what the web interface should look like

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