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Too Much Too Soon: Incremental Release Of SharePoint Functionality

conversation about user adoption of SharePoint...adoption (this is conjecture as I know of no...that have an easier time with user adoption...I think user adoption issue is primarily

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Road to ECM Hell is paved with good intentions: Introduction (Part 1)

Reading around the information on the AIIM website, there are some very scary statistics around ECM projects. The one that stands out, is that over 50% of ECM projects are not successful. What a statistic! And a real shame on those providing software or services in the ECM sector. The Road to...

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Adopting ECM - A Case Study in Failure

Earlier this year I completed an assessment of Alfresco for a university client. The university licensed Alfresco several years ago and did not have much success. They hired me to find out why, and what to do about it. The options they wanted to look at were to continue on with Alfresco or...

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Funny thing about memories. They tend to distort some details while being eerily accurate on others. For example, when I look back at the early stages of my career, I perceive myself as significantly dumber than I am now. But every now and then I get a glimpse of who I was through a semi...

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How to kill innovation in SharePoint, in five easy steps

: poor end user adoption. These are not in...that end user adoption concept) anticipate...Don't have a user adoption strategy...user adoption strategy. Even if you're

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