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How important is mobile collaboration support? New survey!

Does your business have a strategy for mobile collaboration? Or maybe you’re about to create one? Are you looking to select a new suite of collaboration tools to support mobile working… or maybe you’re in the midst of a roll-out and have something to say about the tools you...

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Skip the coffee! Go directly to Orlando!

There is a lot of buzz around this year’s Service Provider Executive Forum . Most of it is very positive but there are a few members of our community who have reached out to me to ask what is different this year and why the price increase from what they had paid a few years ago. ...

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Free Your Users From Knowledge Jail in 2014

What do New Years Resolutions have in common with the more open-ended promises in your 2014 ECM budget? For starters there's that sloppy cultural workplace setting filed under "Change Management." The subtext? Rebrand "the change" as "the way things should have been...

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Help Wanted – Testing a Survey

Confidentiality assured. Only I will know who said what, and it's unlikely I'll use it against you. I am putting together a survey for an upcoming project and I need your help. I am testing two things: 1) whether or not PollDaddy is a reasonable tool to use, and; B) the survey....

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How to get people to feedback and approve a document stored in SharePoint

If you have ever written a document, saved it to SharePoint and then needed certain people on your team to review it and provide comprehensive feedback, then please read on. This post will illustrate just how easy it is to do this using nothing more than SharePoint, DocRead and DocSurvey. ...

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Search Is Lost Without Found

I went to Information Today's Enterprise Search Summit last week in New York City. This year's edition featured a buzz-rattling shout-out to Big Data. Big D sat on the sidelines despite the excess ballroom capacity under the enterprise search tent. It was hard to separate the ...

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How Companies Utilize IT Outsourcing and What We Can Learn From Them

As technology and the infrastructure that supports it continue to improve by leaps and bounds, so too does the IT outsourcing market continue to grow. The reliance on IT outsourcing for certain aspects of a company has always been there, and now the latest advancements has opened up new...

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A very valuable review as we head towards SharePoint 2013

Thank-you once again AIIM for your effort and accuracy in helping the broader world of information managers see the Big Picture around SharePoint. Of course this thanks is directed towards David Jones and team for the AIIM survey: The SharePoint Puzzle , just recently published. Although...

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Usability and Performance are critical; CMIS still not a star – A Short Survey on CMS and CMIS

Last year Generis did a small "non-scientific" survey to get a snapshot of the plans for CMS, and CMIS adoption. I wrote an "analysis" post on this in my blog. This year the CEO of Generis, James Kelleher, sent me a copy of the survey for 2012. While he still openly...

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