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Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation

How do you plan a successful information management solution implementation? Well, there's a LOT to it! And there are many paths to failure. In AIIM's Electronic Records Management and Enterprise Content Management master courses , we spend four whole days discussing these concepts. I highly...

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How to Select an ECM Vendor in 9 Steps

This post provides a proven 9-step process for selecting ECM software and implementers . Once you’ve clarified your Current State, defined your Future State, and planned your Roadmap, it’s time to select a solution and vendor. It seems like I’ve done this several hundred times...

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ECM Hosting Services

Has anyone implement a hosting service or SaaS for their ECM solution? #ElectronicRecordsManagement #Is #anyone #hosting #ScanningandCapture #solution #SharePoint #using #SaaS #or

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A Vendor & Resource Management Solution

Many IT organizations both large and small utilize contractors and consultants. In many global enterprises, you might have several thousand contractors in and out of your organization over a calendar year. The process of hiring contractors and consultants is often times a painful one. It takes...

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10 Fast Facts About Document Management

Pam Doyle’s presentation at the AIIM road show in Chicago contained some “fast facts” about document management that I thought worth repeating. I thought these reminders of DM value were particularly relevant given the coming tightening of IT resources: 1....

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