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Document Capture Coast to Coast

It got me to thinking, how do all the transportation companies with fleets of trucks across the country manage their paper documents?...In short, the trucking industry runs on paper documents

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Top 5 Excuses for Sticking with Paper Documents

Seriously now, their filing system and workflow depend on what color staples and paperclips are attached to their paper documents...We only accept paper documents with ink signatures This one is just irksome

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Do You Have a Paper Problem?

Are you sending documents off-site to free up primary office space?...Have you noticed an increase in misplaced or lost documents?...Is the overall quality for older documents poor?

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The importance of paper sizes and the layout in ECM

Couple of years back I was handling a document conversion project for a well known multinational...The main document that we had to scan was of a a non standard size

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Paper Records: Keep or Destroy After Scanning?

One question I get asked a lot is: “Do most firms destroy paper documents after scanning them?...About 60 percent are destroying the paper documents, while the remaining 40 percent continue to put the paper in a storage facility

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Paper as the starting point of an ECM / ERM strategy?

But what about physical documents? I think any ECM / ERM strategy should start from considering about managing of paper documents in the organisation, since most of the content will become a paper document at some stage of it's lifecycle

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Emails to Paper to Scanners to Digital?!?!?

“Reporters fought for elevators in a mad rush out of the building to begin converting the documents into electronic form for perusal and publication...Six sealed boxes containing the printed documents were released to the news organizations that paid for them

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