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Social SharePoint --- An Oxymoron?

Hint: Partners are the Secret Sauce...However, there is work to do, there are products to ship and there will be (as always) a need for partners to fill in the gaps. A key point for partners -- Gaps are Opportunities

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Reimagining the Reengineering Dilemma

Similarly for Microsoft, there is no option but to push for change -- both to how they develop and deliver products, as well as how partners interact with them

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Social, it's in Microsoft's DNA

SharePoint’s success and widespread adoption demonstrates the power of community, innovation within the community, and the economic benefit shared by all -- including partners, integrators, suppliers, customers. In early October, I had the opportunity to attend the SharePoint Conference and attended a presentation from Microsoft that had some incredible numbers about SharePoint success that rival any consumer focused technology. 125+million licenses sold 20000 users added daily 93000+ partners 65000+ customers

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