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Boxworks 2016 - A Review

Two key changes from last year really made me happy: Box’s enterprise customers (at least the ones on the panel during the analyst event) are calling Box content management (advanced content management, even); Box is unequivocally stating that Platform is the base upon which the...

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Two Continents, Two Conferences, One Conclusion

Over the last few weeks I attended the AIIM Conference (the theme was Digital Transformation in Action) in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and the IRMS Conference (the theme was Information Superheroes) in Brighton, UK. It was my third time at AIIM, at which I did one of the roundtables, and it...

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5 Things Needed for Innovation

This was taken from the next to last slide (full presentation available here ) from my keynote session at the IRMS Conference in Brighton, UK from 15-17 May, 2016. These things were also included in the ebook Digital Transformation in Action by John Mancini , that was put out in advance of...

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John Mancini tritt als AIIM-Präsident zurück, bleibt aber der AIIM als Evangelist & Advisor erhalten

Rund 20 Jahre lang prägte John Mancini als Präsident des internationalen Dachverbandes der ECM Enterprise Content Management Branche die Geschicke nicht nur des Verbandes sondern des Marktes mit. Er wird zukünftig für die AIIM als "Evangelist & Advisor" tätig bleiben:

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Innovation and Business Transformation need Metadata to Happen

In a recent CMSWiRe article by Boris Kraft , several examples of content management outcomes are proffered. What’s extraordinary about the examples is that none of them have anything to do with marketing, accounts payable or insurance (go-to uses cases in blogs and articles for some reason)....

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Realise the potential - using social analytics to mine for hidden gems inside your own organisation

When you say the phrase "social analytics", for many people it can conjure up images of endless pages of Twitter messages sorted into columns accompanied by happy, sad or neutral smiley faces, or maybe stories of how badly particular brands have performed in a social media-based confrontation...

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Using Mobile to Incrementally Innovate

At the AIIM Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week, event facilitator and technology futurist Thornton May framed the discussion on securely mobilizing the enterprise by asking a broader question: "How do we create value with information?" ...

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You don’t know what you don’t know

You’re tasked with rolling out SharePoint, the company want to do collaboration better. Being a conservative organisation the execs have engaged a very expensive, but respected, consultancy organisation to advise them. They’ve done detailed and expensive analysis of the business,...

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Innovation can be mechanical, too

A couple of months ago, I wrote how important it is not to settle for automation when there is innovation to be had. Today, I'd like to take this one step further, and perhaps one step to the side, by pointing out that innovation can rear its pretty head in contexts other than software! ...

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Innovative open source software

When I originally discovered open source software, most of the projects were usually works of love, developed by passionate amateurs in their free time and that were interesting but were often not production ready, poorly documented and sometimes less innovative than closed source software. In...

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