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Teleworking requires good information sharing

Principle #3: Make knowledge sharing a core activity Without the informal sharing that is possible through accidental encounters, it is even more important that knowledge is encoded and shared

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People as a service ?

But what does it imply when it comes to sharing information ? Does it mean sharing people ?...But it implies that the owner was available and ready to share what he knew, what is far from being always true

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Don’t transform Social Network into the next inbox nightmare

Whether you are leading Social Business transformation in your company or joining the bandwagon of Social Networking in your personal life, there are some few tips I wanted to share to make sure you create real value from the experience

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Do you need a Center of Excellence?

Because effective content management solutions need to be designed; and in most organizations, SharePoint 2010 is rolled out as a document sharing and collaboration platform with little if any thought to overall information architecture

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CIP Exam Lessons Learned

CIP Exam Lessons Learned Some lucky attendees at the AIIM 2012 conference paid in advance for discounted vouchers to cover the registration fee for taking the Certified Information Professional exam. This is a multiple-choice 100 question exam that tests your knowldege in each of six...

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

We have way too many places where we store content --document management systems, ERP systems, local drives, shared drives, consumer-grade cloud repositories, mobile devices . . . the list goes on. And, as the company scales, it just gets more difficult to find the content we need, to share it, and to work with it

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