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Faceted Search: how to go from a Static to a Dynamic Taxonomy

This is where a taxonomy can make a huge difference: when a collection of documents is full-text searchable, the end-user can find synonyms and other relevant words as suggested by the taxonomy. A great example of the usefulness of a taxonomy for search can be found here:

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How to Make Content "Intelligent"

Here's what I think needs to be put in place: 1) Global taxonomy project

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Start Solving Your Content, Search and Findability Problems Now

Taxonomy, metadata and enterprise search expert, Seth Earley, will be teaching the AIIM Information Organization and Access (IOA) Master class in Stamford, CT at the end of this month (February 28-March 2)

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Search is dead, long live search!

Text mining (both statistical and linguistic) and other exploratory search types such as faceted search ( have contributed significant to the usability of search interfaces. 15 years ago, there was not enough electronic data to train the statistical algorithms and there was not enough coverage of languages to implement proper disambiguation of, for instance, pronouns, co-references and entity boundaries ( 3

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Is the Australia Government Similar to Your Organization?

By Carla Mulley, At first, I got a kick out of reading this article in CIO Magazine (Australia edition), “ Context needed in metadata and data retention debate “. First of all, I find it unique in regards that metadata has become a political debate...

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Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation

How do you plan a successful information management solution implementation? Well, there's a LOT to it! And there are many paths to failure. In AIIM's Electronic Records Management and Enterprise Content Management master courses , we spend four whole days discussing these concepts. I highly...

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