Solving the Inadequacies and Failures in Enterprise Search:

By Cate Evans posted 07-10-2013 08:49


The inability to identify the value in unstructured content is the primary challenge in any application that requires the use of metadata. If you aren’t managing it, you won’t find it. At the most basic level enterprise search has become inadequate. Bells and whistles abound but the unsolved problem still exists. Search cannot find and deliver relevant information in the right context, at the right time. This laissez-faire approach, starting with executive management on down, illustrates the inability of organizations to elevate search to a key component and critical enabler for improving business outcomes.

An information governance approach that creates the metadata infrastructure framework to encompass automated intelligent metadata generation, auto-classification, and the use of goal and mission aligned taxonomies is required. From this framework, intelligent metadata enabled solutions can be rapidly developed and implemented. Only then can organizations leverage their knowledge assets to support search, litigation, eDiscovery, text mining, sentiment analysis, and business intelligence.

The need for organizations to access and fully exploit the use of their unstructured content won’t happen overnight. Organizations must incorporate an approach that addresses the lack of an intelligent metadata infrastructure, which is the fundamental problem. Intelligent search, a by-product of the infrastructure, must encourage, not hamper, the use and reuse of information and be rapidly extendable to address text mining, sentiment analysis, eDiscovery and litigation support. The additional components of auto-classification and taxonomies complete the core infrastructure to deploy intelligent metadata enabled solutions, including records management, data privacy, and migration.

Search can no longer be evaluated on features, but on proven results that deliver insight into all unstructured content.

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