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2014: The Year Collaboration Goes Social through People

My expertise is in implementing collaboration tools, building governance teams, and harnessing enterprise social networking features to create user adoption and productivity throughout the digital workplace

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Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration And Social Media? Absolutely!

Few people would argue that to be effective knowledge management must involve collaboration and engagement techniques. Using enterprise wiki, social media and other already existing tools might be an effective way to win over employees and build a reliable knowledge management environment. However, there are problems with using popular social networking and collaboration tools, be it TypePad, Twitter, YouTube, Zimbra or another “general purpose / general audience” software in a corporate environment

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Social Media Secret Weapon: Email

This week I received a link to an interesting post called “Social Media's Secret Weapon – Email&rdquo...Specially coming together with Social Media, and even more when I saw it called out as its secret weapon!

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Chicken or Egg: Content Management or Collaboration First?

Social media and ECM go together very well. In fact, collaboration (which was the 1.0 label for social software) has been part of ECM since the early 2000s when most vendors, including Documentum, IBM, OpenText, and, eventually, Microsoft introduced collaboration as an element in their respective ECM stragies. However, the fact that the social software vendors and the ECM vendors meet yet again at the Enterprise 2.0 Show makes me wonder about an interesting question: Is content management a feature of collaboration or is collaboration a feature of content management?

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Contextual Collaboration - The Challenges and How HCL Can Help

Some of the key factors are democratization of organization culture, largely spurred by introduction of the millennial to the workforce, availability of multiple channels of collaboration, engendered by popularity of mobile phones, a shift from the proprietary to the Open Source, a reassuring faith in collective intelligence, stemming from Crowd Sourcing, pressure for low price points, resulting in alternatives to collocation and last, but not the least, usage of social media

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