2014: The Year Collaboration Goes Social through People

By Adam Levithan posted 01-07-2014 11:55


First, my name is Adam Levithan. I am a Collaboration enthusiast and have been working with SharePoint specifically for the last seven years. Over the last four years I have participated in AIIM activates and am very excited to become an expert blogger. My expertise is in implementing collaboration tools, building governance teams, and harnessing enterprise social networking features to create user adoption and productivity throughout the digital workplace. I have worked on small to enterprise implementations, and am always amazed that a vast majority of obstacles are the same.  


In 2014 I am on a mission, to separate the need for technology from the technology itself. Dissecting the "Social Enterprise" I found that there are at least 7 groupings of collaboration features that are at our finger tips today. Of these features "Social" is only one small piece. While these features are based on commercial tools like Twitter and Facebook that allow us to be more active in social groups in our everyday lives, I believe that technology is not social, people are social 


Within an organization these enterprise tools are not the same as their commercial counterparts, they need context, guidance and nurturing to survive. As a result, I'm predicting that this year Collaboration Goes Social through Community Managers, Collaboration Advocates, and as a result organizations realize the potential of their investments by allowing humans to be building block for the implementation's success. 


I foresee that Collaboration, CMS and ECM technologies will piggyback on the success of "Social" and learn from Chatter, tibbr, Yammer and Others of how to market their features in more common language that can be easier to understand and put into practice.  


Over the next few months I will share my investigations into the 7 groupings of collaboration features. I will compare these features by the Type of Content: temporary to record, and Audience: individual to enterprise. 

What do you think I should investigate 2014? 

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04-28-2014 18:25

" separate the need for technology from the technology itself" is a philosophical stance and I'm keen to see how this unfolds! Great stuff! :)).. Will love to hear more on this 2014 journey..