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Definition IIM Intelligent Information Management

Definition IIM Intelligent Information Management Setzt sich IIM Intelligent Information Management als neue Botschaft der Branche durch? Wenn man etwas sucht, findet man auch eine Definition. "IIM Intelligent Information Management is the strategies,...

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ECM in 60 Seconds or Less

About two years ago, we held a contest for readers of Infonomics Weekly (our newsletter at the time) to describe ECM in 60 seconds or less. Since we just began the ECM community here; I thought I would dust these off for anyone new who hasn't seen these yet. It's 7 minutes well...

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Process Definition - A Little Help

I'm not sure which of the topics this belongs to, so I've tagged it to all four. In the event that this particular post doesn't really belong on the AIIM Communities, I'm going to minimize space usage and just post a link to my blog. The gist is that I've seen a lot of...

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Enterprise 2.0: I’m a Believer

Seeing as this is my first post for the AIIM Enterprise 2.0 community, I wanted to step back and get a bit confessional so that you all out there can get a feel for where I’m coming from, both in terms of my general approach to Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) as well as the perspective I’ll be...

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Current Practises and Process

Well, after a short excursion into language and taxonomy , back to what I said I was going to talk about 3 weeks ago, current Practises and Process. I want to concentrate on processes most of all as there seems to be a lot of talk about E 2.0 being a free for all, just like Web 2.0 and that...

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The management toolkit in an interconnected world

Ever since the first time Andrew McAfee coined the term, the definition of Enterprise 2.0 has constantly evolved. Arguably, the most appropriate has been : "The use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers." ...

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The enterprise as it should have always been

It's been a long time on the scale of Internet time since Andrew McAfee coined “Enterprise 2.0.” As with any new thing, organizations needed to know what it was about in order to understand its potential to possibily implement it. So, many people proposed their definition (and...

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