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Big Buckets of Stuff

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen/heard some comments that Big Buckets don’t work well in Records Management. Uhm, you’re doing it wrong. I suspect that a large part of the issue is that classification models are too granular and too tightly coupled to the retention...

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3 Ways of Providing Consistency to the Customized

Christina Parenteau previews her AIIM 2013 conference session. Enjoy, and follow #AIIM13 and @AIIMcon for all of the latest news and noise about next year’s event. Register today, space is limited and going fast. Christina Parenteau Document Control Specialist Pomona...

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Enterprise 2.0: It's All About Trust

We’ve all heard about and read numerous articles on how the consumerization of IT is contributing to a revolution in the workplace. Frustrated with clunky enterprise technology, when they regularly use intuitive tools such as Facebook and Twitter at home, employees are now selecting...

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Don’t Over Formalize

We recently had a close encounter with an Approval Workflow. We started out in our current SharePoint ECM project with a requirement that “ some reports be routed for a supervisor or subject matter expert review .” We control this routing from a related list of people and facilities...

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It's Really About Communication

Whether tangible or not, all communication has an intended outcome. The purpose of information is to inform and communicate. We want to communicate our achievements (financial results), our desires (purchase orders), our directives (policies), and our knowledge (whitepapers & case...

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As social toolsl remove constraints, businesses should remove the rules that came with the constraints

I'd like to share a few thoughts that made me get interested in social software years ago and are still relevant today for businesses that, although convinced of the potential of enterprise social platforms are not comfortable with the value proposition. Organizations have always been...

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One Source of the Truth

In a software demo for a Content Management application, there were two slides about Collaboration I really related to. These two slides are my favorite because the represent the two types of way we share information and what happens in these processes. The two slides were “Uncontrolled...

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8 reasons to add eForms to your capture strategy

Electronic forms are often overlooked when it comes to capture, as people think it’s easier to look at getting rid of file cabinets versus changing processes and adding technology. In my opinion, that is like treating the symptoms of the problem, rather than treating the problem itself....

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