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Reduce Your Requirements

I speak at a lot of SharePoint events, and as I warm up the crowd, I like to ask a couple icebreaker questions and get a sense for how interactive and responsive the audience will be. One of my favorite questions is: by show of hands, does anyone have an end user adoption issue? The reaction...

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But, you can probably get what you really need . Provided you are a business user with a good business analyst on your project team. And you don’t get distracted by sparkly technology thingies. My favorite illustration of failure in the “get requirements….deliver on those...

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The Turbulent Move to the Cloud

We can all see that our organizations are getting to be more mobile -- whether than means people doing more from their smart phones and tablets, or just that teams are more geographically dispersed is really a moot point: how we access our content and tools is changing as technology advances....

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Business Case War Story – AGAIN

I continue to be amazed that clients try to create a business case for a major, multi-million dollar project request at the eleventh hour. How can business and IT managers be so naïve? They know a business case is required. They know they are competing with other projects for limited...

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Content Decision Fatigue

If something of value is in short supply you will tend to conserve it. That turns out to be true of your capacity to deal with alternatives, make decisions and even to sustain your efforts at tasks.These finding have profound implications for enterprise content management (ECM). ...

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Increase Your Organization’s Productivity through Customer Relationship Management

allows for better reporting and analysis...comes in and tries to perform an analysis on...trend analysis and reports will get more...PowerPivot to take advantage of their analysis

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