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RPA - nur ein neuer Hype-Begriff?

RPA steht für Robotic Process Automation ( ). Dieses Akronym und dieser Begriff tauchen in 2018 immer häufiger auf. So z.B. auch bei der jüngsten Firmenübernahme in den USA. Der Anbieter KnowledgeLake übernimmt RatchetSoft ( ). Eine...

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Von selbstdokumentierenden zu selbstkonfigurierenden Systemen ...

Das Thema Selbstdokumentation bei Software, zumindest von Aufbewahrungs-, Records-Management- und Archivierungssystemen, wurde in der Branche weitgehend ignoriert. Nur wenige Anbieter, und dann auch nur Projekt-orientiert, setzten auf diese Funktionalität. Es klingt zwar logisch, dass doch das...

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The Value of Adaptive Case Management in the Experience Economy

This blog post, written by ReadSoft CMO Andrew Pery, was originally published in August 2014, here on the ReadSoft blog. We are in the midst of a fundamental transformation. The ways that businesses compete for customer wallet share are changing. Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore coined the...

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Set Your Processes Free

Information creation has accelerated at an incredible rate and there is no sign this will slowdown. Think about the amount of information you are exposed to every day. We are in a state of information chaos - I am now a guilty party in your information chaos – and the task of sorting...

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Why Empowerment Is Job One Of Information Governance

I am glad that my job title is “Records Management Program Manager” and not “Records Manager.” The problem with “Records Managers” is they perpetuate the problem that records management is the job of an individual or a department. Records management, when...

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An Insider’s View on Recognition Technology: Tips for Ensuring a Successful Implementation

Recognition technology has become the ‘ soup de jour’ for companies, organizations and government agencies around the globe who want to automatically process information from forms, checks, mail and other important business documents with greater speed and accuracy. The...

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Papersucks: Going Digital Makes Common Sense

We have a winner! As we wrap the 2013 World Paper Free Day, our last item of business (for today) is to announce the winner of the #papersucks contest. The challenge: create one idea for removing paper from a business process, personally or in an organization. The winning entry for our...

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World Paper Free Day: The #infochats

For this year’s World Paper-free Day (October 24); I’ll be hosting two #infochats. The first will be on October 10 and the second will be on October 24. Each conversation will take place at noon EDT. Join us on those two days, and throughout the month of October, by using hashtag ...

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In Accounts Payable, “Garbage In” Can Make Quite a Mess

In the early days of computing, there was a popular saying about the power of information technology. “People make mistakes,” the saying went, “but to really screw things up, you need a computer.” The fact is that IT services bring big benefits, from music and...

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