Papersucks: Going Digital Makes Common Sense

By Bryant Duhon posted 10-24-2013 17:16


We have a winner!

As we wrap the 2013 World Paper Free Day, our last item of business (for today) is to announce the winner of the #papersucks contest. The challenge: create one idea for removing paper from a business process, personally or in an organization. The winning entry for our first ever #papersucks contest, in honor of World Paper Free Day:

How about “#paperordigital?” (word play on the ol’ “paper or plastic” grocery store choice). The practical idea: ask all retailers to donate one cent to a “green” fund for every instance where a receipt is not printed or delivered electronically. That should add up to a pretty penny ;-)

Submitted by Adrian Ungureanu who is a Principal Consultant in Capco’s North American Banking practice. He specializes in banking operations, business process reengineering, and technology implementation.

Read his post for WPFD: Paper or Digital? A [rhetorical] question for the new age co-written with Tony Tummillo 

Q: What made you think of your idea?

Adrian: I think most of the time people need some sort of an “incentive” to adopt something. This would be a win-win, both for the environment, as well as a good charitable cause.

Q: How will you "celebrate" wpfd? 

Adrian: I “celebrate” wpfd every day (I’m passionate about the topic) but today I’ll make an extra effort. Have been going around the office all morning wishing everyone “Happy World Paper Free Day” and despite the somewhat weird looks I get, I think the enthusiasm is catching on!

Q: You have "think green - keep it on the screen” in your email footer, are you or your company involved in the green movement? 

Adrian: Yes. I’m leading the “Paperless Transformation” solution within my company [Capco] which aims to help financial institutions (and their clients) improve processes through digitization, paper elimination, and think of clever ways to help both bottom line and the environment.

Q: By keeping it green and minimizing paper, have you (personally) and/or your company experienced any efficiency improvements?

Adrian: Absolutely. We’ve assisted clients reduce paper to as much as 80% through process digitization (e-signature, for example) which also led to significant process improvements (shortened processing timelines, from 6-10 days to 1-2), and implicitly, improved customer satisfaction.

Q: Love the line in your post about "will you be the next Borders or Kodak." Why go paperless/less paper for business?

Adrian: I think it’s true for any organization: lack of adoption of new technologies, lack of innovation, and especially lack of addressing client demands spells DOOM. We’ve seen it much too often to ignore it. Why go paperless?Simply because it MAKES SENSE; economic sense, innovative “sense”… “common sense”!

Adrian writes frequently on the topic. Here are a few other recent posts or articles of his:!!!

The other three finalists for the contest:

1. Rather than printing and scanning, IMPORT into your document imaging system whenever possible – images will be cleaner/clearer and you won’t waste paper and you will save some trees which doesn’t suck. from Barbara Redline    

2. The management (from top level down) stop accepting (reading, commenting, *signing*, etc.) documents on paper (and other physical media).  from Alexander Samarin

3. Remove the paper and hang a sign on each printer in your building. On Printer 1, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 2. On Printer 2, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 3. On Printer 3, the sign says: OUT OF ORDER. Please use Printer 1. from Johnnie Walker

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