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8 Things Your Archive Should Do

Here are 8 of the most important things your archive should do, whether you are considering an on-prem or cloud-based solution. You should weight these according to your situation but it‘s a great starter checklist. The most important high level requirements for enterprise document...

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Immediately Stop Using Backup Tapes for Archiving

Nick Inglis has done three great posts on the future of magnetic storage and some breakthroughs in the technology. But let's stir things up a bit. Here are some pointers on how to break the tape habit for enterprise archiving. I'm very interested in what you think. This post...

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How agencies can keep email from vanishing

Recent headlines surrounding the loss of emails at the IRS highlight major concerns over records management in government. One of the biggest challenges agencies face today, besides the skyrocketing volume of email, is how to effectively retain and manage email records based on regulatory and...

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Need a digital resolution test chart to copy onto microfilm

I would like to know if someone can tell me where I can get hold of a digital resolution test chart (soft copy) NOT ON PAPER. I need it to record this digital resolution test chart on 35mm microfilm by using an archive writer. Look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks, Cyrus csp...

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Slay Your Digital Stockpile Monster

James Watson, Ph, Dpreviews his AIIM 2013 roundtable session. Enjoy, and follow #AIIM13 and @AIIMcon on Twitter. Register today, space is limited and going fast. James Watson President and CEO Doculabs March 21 at 1:30 Deleting Information – Not for the...

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Are the physical record management/archiving companies in a secular downtrend as digitalization increases?

At Robeco Asset Management in The Netherlands we are looking at the future growth prospects of archiving and record management companies such as Iron Mountain. These companies store physical records, microfilms, audio/videotapes, x-rays but also computer tapes and hard drives for their clients....

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Backfile Conversion. The Time is Now!

With labor costs at an all-time low and scanning technologies at an all time high, now is the ideal time to embark on that backfile scanning project you’ve had on the back burner. Backfile conversion , also called fileroom conversion or archive conversion, is the process of...

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Email Archiving ? All or Forever

I have been in conversations with an email archiving company on behalf of a client and feel the need to rant a little. Hopefully it’s a fairly constructive rant. Email Archiving Solutions (I contend they are simply tools/systems, not solutions, but hey, maybe that’s just me ...

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Wanted: Information Management Policies

Oleson & Wagner’s template on MOSS 2007 includes two sections on policies: operational and application usage. Operational usage policies are more inclined to the technical. Under System Administration: tasks, documentation, policies like disaster recovery, hardware and...

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