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China Further Expands Reach of Data Localization Law to Multinationals

Countries are continuing to escalate restrictions on storage location and transfers of data, with China being the most recent to follow suit. China broadened its cybersecurity initiatives significantly in 2016 with the release of the Cybersecurity Law (Law). Scheduled to come into effect June 1,...

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Information Governance Must Change

Information governance (IG) is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards, and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share, and use information. Governance is mandated internally and externally. ( PHIGs IMC Inc – 2014 ) The above graphic,...

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UnFUDding Cloud Content Management (a rant)

Yesterday (May 30, 2016) I read this article which contends that Box, Dropbox, and others are not content management platforms. I was considering not linking to the article and just putting up screen shots of the main points, but I decided on the link instead. The article is nothing but FUD ...

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Information Management for the Energy & Engineering sector: the right approach

Managing information correctly is crucial for any industry. The Energy & Engineering (E&E) sector is no different. With changing oil prices and increasing regulatory and environmental pressures, information management is a powerful tool to keep operations lean, achieve compliance and...

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AIIM2015 - Quick Thoughts

This year the annual AIIM Conference was held in San Diego, California; way better than last year’s location which was really a few hotels sitting on reclaimed swamp land or something. And it was great to reconnect with people and meet some new folks and blah, blah, blah …. Overall I found...

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I’m on Facebook and Twitter 10 hours per day – My opinion? My lips are sealed.

By Carla Mulley: I recently wrote a blog regarding the use of social tools and the challenges of adoption versus training. A tantalizing social study I recently ran across was conducted the Pew Research Center in conjunction with Rutgers University in New Jersey. According to this...

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To Those Who Fall in the Middle

Depending on where you stand on information systems, the middle is: (a) where the action happens, or (b) where the flab accumulates. It's a rare manager who can tell them apart and an extraordinary one who understands how one scenario bleeds into the next. In ECM deployments the middle...

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Differences between Enterprise Content Management & Records Management in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Understanding and Overcoming Records Management Challenges So many organizations throughout the globe have not implemented successful records management initiatives because of the inherit difficulty applying retention policies to content. Another main issue IT has faced is the difficulty...

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