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Content Decision Fatigue

That turns out to be true of your capacity to deal with alternatives, make decisions and even to sustain your efforts at tasks.These finding have profound implications for enterprise content management (ECM)

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From HTML pages to WCMs

From the basic hand coded HTML 1.0 web pages to complex WCMs managing thousands of pages in near-real time while personalizing the content and performing BigData analysis on the interactions between the sites and the users, we'll go on a little trip down memory lane to see how the technology has evolved, and how this was personally experienced by yours truly

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UAMS staying on the edge of technology with Web Access to Content Management

UAMS was one of the leadingcustomers in 1999 to test and implement the Web Access Portal to our Content Management Software (EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender which we purchased and implemented in 1997)

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A Little Glitz

Selling my peers on the value of Content Management has always been an uphill battle...“ I need to organize my content so someone else can find it easier

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