UAMS staying on the edge of technology with Web Access to Content Management

By Bonnie Hipp posted 08-11-2010 14:47


UAMS was one of the leadingcustomers in 1999 to test and implement the Web Access Portal to our Content Management Software (EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender which we purchased and implemented in 1997).  In just two years time we realized the technology inWeb Access and data storage capabilities for our growing needs.  The software company meet our request with ApplicationXtender Web Access. This technology provides an efficient, inexpensive browser client for the full ApplicationXtender Desktop installation client.  Security authorized access provides the ability to retrieve, view, and manage documents using our Intranet, Internet Explorer. 

We have all this useful data being stored, and the capability in storing data that is web accessible and makes business information retrieval more efficient and productive.  The Intranet and other new technologies are inundating organizations with far greater quantities and varieties of data than ever before.  Be sure that your Content Management solution has Web Access, to access in your evolving business needs to provide the capability to open doors and create opportunities.  It might not be in your first actual project scope but it will evolve over time and having the capability opens up doors and opportunities. The need for UAMS to have 24×7 access to information has become essential in allowing globally distributed workforces to collaborate on documents from remote locations.

ApplicationXtender Web Access helps us share and leverage our campus data assets, givingauthorized users, suppliers and Auditors the ability to retrieve and utilize data whenever or wherever  they need it most. Our Web Access delivers immediate access to stored data via our corporate intranet. This provides both interactive and read-only Web clients for ApplicationXtender, and has proven to be cost justification.   

What EMC ApplicationXtender: Web Access has been cost justified for UAMS.


  • Enables authorized access for our U of A, JCAHO, State and out of state Auditors access.  This saves time for both the UAMS employee and travel cost for Auditor.
  • Allowed employees access to work from homewhen needed.
  • With flex work schedule during the economic downturn departments are able to give employees the option to work from home on certain days of the week.
  • Helped our employees while at work to allow them to concentrate on pressing task and providing them access to take work home to be completed at their convenience but still on time
  • Allows employees traveling to access important information at any time 24x7.  
  • Remote access that allows employees to use other workstations when necessary; i.e., computer repair, relocation, etc.
  • Enabled us to purchase more licenses at a tremendous savings. 

What EMC ApplicationXtender: Web Access does for UAMS.


  • Enables collaboration and sharing of information with remote employees, Auditors, and suppliers.
  • Allows users to view and manage documents and other content through the Internet Explorer browser, just as you would on traditional work stations.  Which comes in handy when a user is in a meeting cross campus and needs some information, they go to the closest computer and access what they need.  Lets our users access work from home, which is a great benefit for both the employee and UAMS.
  • Provides a full range on content search and display capabilities including index searches, full-text searches, and document property searching.
  • Contains an extensive security model based on authorized user privileges.
  • Allows annotation, check-in /check-out capabilities, and version tracking.
  • Helped in upgrades, users were able to access data while workstations where upgraded.
  • Minable training involved since the system logic was the same.
  • Allowed compatibility when implemented with SAP.
  • This saves IT from having to install the software on additional workstations and maintaining after upgrades.  

What were your experiences with web access?  Please share your feedback, it may benefit and help others with similar issues/concerns.   

Bonnie Hipp
University of Arkansas for Medical Science

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