Social Business Virtual Event: Ken Bisconti, IBM, Social Business Meets Enterprise Content Management

By Jesse Wilkins posted 08-19-2011 11:04



Here's the latest post in our series of interviews with the speakers for our inaugural Social Business Virtual Conference which is being held completely online this September 8, 2011. 
I asked Cengiz Satir from IBM to share some thoughts about IBM's presentation with us. 
What are you going to speak about at the Social Business virtual conference Sept 8th?   
The intersection of social business and ECM - what IBM would call social content management. We've seen the emergence of social capabilities and technologies that have rapidly infiltrated the business environment. What we'll address in our session is how our end-to-end social content management solution can better serve our customers by providing greater insight as well as traditional content management and governance capabilities. This allows us to embed social into ECM broadly as well as into industry-specific examples like case management. 
Do you have any examples of implementations or case studies? 
Yes we do - at least two of them, including a major industrial transportation company, around social content management and offerings that they are leveraging and using as part of their business. The case studies will describe what capabilities they are using specifically, as well as what business challenges they are addressing and what they see as their business benefits based on how they are solving those problems. 
What will the attendees learn from your presentation? 
First, businesses are really looking for ways to: improve productivity and efficiency of the workforce; protect corporate assets; and properly manage different types of unstructured content in a more consistent way. 
At the same time they need to provide a better, more efficient, more modern way in which the casual business user as well as the knowledge workers leverage, create, and consume content both inside and outside the organization. This in turn will help them drive better decision making by gaining insight through the availability of analytics on top of the social content management user experience. 
More broadly attendees will learn how to meet broader business requirements for being more productive and efficient as well as extending into other business scenarios to add insight and drive better results. 
How have you seen social business impact your job/organization for the better? Industry? 
1. IBM itself: One thing we're doing inside IBM is that our entire worldwide ECM organization is leveraging social content community to drive enablement activities. We've seen through this drive that enablement processes and engagement have really increased tremendously - we are driving world-class enablement which benefits not only IBM but ultimately our customers as well. We feel our ability to leverage accurate content creation and timely content consumption is critical to drive top-notch enablement of our portfolio. How we do that is to reach beyond the normal work circle to extended teams where you can gather relevant information based on the expertise that's out there and available. It's provided us the ability to have a social content community to help us do that. 
2. For the industry and our customers, it provides an end-to-end solution for them with the user experience that allows them to leverage their existing investments with social and collaborative tools to help them be more productive and efficient, ultimately saving time and money. This is a bigger broader use case that we see. If you have an integrated social content user experience you have one version of the truth, which can be a tremendous benefit. Organizations can, not only, rely on having a single version of truth - the latest and most accurate - but also benefit from the ability to create and consume content in a very rapid fashion knowing that they'll have access to the right kind of expertise. 
What do you expect or what would you like to see next in the adoption for social business tools or practices? 
We think you'll see more and more social enablement in content applications - not just social in content workspaces but there will be a lot more social elements being embedded as part of that user experience. It's not just the social element but also the ECM elements that find their way into high-value content applications as well as some of the baseline, out-of-the-box applications. This will also mean being able to have this marrying of content analytics and social analytics to have richer capabilities around related content and related expertise. Today you have activity streams, notifications, tagging, etc. but even that will get expanded out further to where we're starting to see more ECM and social capabilities working in concert as part of specific content applications. 
What are you looking forward to the most about presenting at our virtual event? 
Being able to communicate what's happening in this space and how businesses are seeing immediate value around transforming into a social business. Some may disagree with that particular label, but at the end of the day whether they realize it or not the way in which the business world is working is certainly much more social in nature and it can only benefit their specific challenges and use cases. 
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Please join Ken Bisconti, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for IBM Enterprise Content Management, for his presentation and Q&A immediately following on September 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm Eastern Time. This presentation sponsored by IBM


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