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Why Virtual Events Matter

They had the same lasting emotional impact and educational value as an in person events, minus the $15 a day for hotel internet and crowded airports, and I was able to participate in real time thanks to social media polls, and chat. Of all of these recent events, the AIIM Social Business conference stands out in my mind as one that was done to perfection. 1

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Virtual Chaos

As I attend more virtual events, I have come to the realization that not all organizations and not every individual is meant to do this, or, they need more and better training on how to do it properly. I am flooded weekly with invitations to attend this virtual event or that web cast and to this day I am amazed by how few of these are run smoothly and professionally. In fact I even attended one where the moderator was getting upset at the people on the line who were asking for help in accessing the event as the voice was by phone and separate from the online event so you could converse back and forth but not see what was on screen

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Virtual Interactivity: To the Mainstream and Beyond!

But for this observer, one of the most valuable take-aways had to do with the event itself, which was as much a piece of social activity as any of the use cases discussed therein...But as the event unfolded, I was struck by how largely seamless it all was

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