Virtual Interactivity: To the Mainstream and Beyond!

By Steve Weissman posted 09-12-2011 09:20


AIIM’s Virtual Conference on Social Business last week was absolutely fascinating to be a part of. Yes, the topic was compelling and the sessions generally good. But for this observer, one of the most valuable take-aways had to do with the event itself, which was as much a piece of social activity as any of the use cases discussed therein.

We’ve seen the model before, of course: a portal containing the links to the individual sessions, arrayed according to the conference schedule. But as the event unfolded, I was struck by how largely seamless it all was. Being able to watch stutter-free video feeds of the presenters made the material much more captivating than hearing the same patter on a conference call, and the ability to ask questions – and have them answered, even after the fact – just boosted the overall level of engagement.

Truly, we are entering a new era in which electronic interaction of this kind has left the cutting edge behind and is moving into the mainstream. For most businesses, anyway, the bandwidth required is there, as is the (personal) computing horsepower, so the trend should only just accelerate from here. Capturing and leveraging the information and knowledge being shared, though, will quickly become that much more difficult, so in that way, the work is only just beginning.

Just as it is with the other social media tools.

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