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Drop and Give Me 50

” My favorite example is I’m going to give them the spotlight for two reasons: 1) they sponsored the AIIM New England Chapter event that took place after the Boot Camp, and 2) They just released a new and improved version of their software product for integrating email in SharePoint

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A New Business Model for SharePoint 2013

Mike Ferrara gives a great overview of the new SharePoint App Model , so there’s no need to go into the details here. It’s this new licensing model and how data is shared between SharePoint and third party apps that interests me

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SharePoint 2013 Migration

image courtesy Microsoft has released a new version of SharePoint which is SharePoint 2013 and as one may expect it has a plethora of new features for you this time as well. In addition to that it has also improved on the existing features thus make it the new version quite an attractive option for many new SharePoint Applications and even tempting the existing Microsoft SharePoint application users to migrate their data to the new version of SharePoint

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