“Policy Distribution- Ready to Meet the Parents?”

By Courtney Rothe posted 09-05-2013 13:41


[preface: "Policy Management, A lot Like Dating" Creation-Part I]

“The Next Step”

Like in most healthy and sustainable relationships, the policy and procedure process needs to progress to the “next level.” After careful planning, drafting and reviewing for approval the newly-founded company policies are ready to be introduced to those whom possess the greatest influence on the future outcome.  From a dating standpoint, this step is equivalent to introducing your partner to the people you cherish the most in life, those who have seen you at your best and loved you through your worst. These are the people who know you better than anyone so naturally their opinion carries the greatest value.

“Meeting the Parents”

For a lot of people these influencers go by the name “Mom and Dad” and introducing anyone into this tight-knit clan comes with great regard. The simple notion of “meeting the parents” carries a stigma and symbolizes the seriousness of this new individual’s role in your life. Essentially, this introduction demonstrates your willingness to take another step towards commitment.

Compliance is no joke. Quite frankly, it shapes the livelihood and future of most organizations today and must be integrated appropriately in order to ensure adherence and protection.  In the policy and procedure process company employees possess the greatest influence. By introducing them to new company policies you are also introducing (or reinforcing) the serious role compliance plays in the day to day functioning of your organization.  Overall, this symbolizes one more step your company is taking towards its commitment to compliance.

“First Impressions are everything”

How you introduce your new romantic interest to the influencers in your life (Mom, Dad, best friend, etc.) can make all the difference. Treat this step with respect and make sure it’s done right-that’s the only way to get the outcome you’re hoping for. Leaving the introduction up to your Facebook wall and the changing of your relationship status may not signalize the seriousness of your courtship.

The same goes for policy and procedure distribution and your company’s commitment to compliance. Get serious about how you share that commitment both internally and externally. Review your current process and research how you can take more organized, structured approach.

Exploring new policy management methods can help you make the most of the distribution process. Utilizing policy management software with notification capabilities keeps document owners up to date on all upcoming policy renewals thus enabling prompt distribution.

You don’t have to sacrifice efficiency and ease of use when it comes to distributing company policies and procedures. Find new software methods that offer seamless integration into an existing program such as a SharePoint policy management software template. This method is built upon your existing SharePoint platform which establishes one centralized portal and heightens organizational capacity.

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