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A New Business Model for SharePoint 2013

Your SharePoint-Based Apps cloud app model, apps are now self...SharePoint App Model , so there’s no need...apps that interests me. An Overview of

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Security & Identity Management Considerations for Application Development in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

FEDAUTH token format. Overview of App...Authentication SharePoint 2013 app authentication utilized by SharePoint...existing SharePoint 2013 app web. This

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SharePoint and Multi-repository Content Governance in 2014

solutions into Office 365 and the App (Client...App model migration for an organization...on-site Azure and an App Model good from iOS and Android Apps as from Windows 8.X Apps. This also

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SharePoint Aware

that Office Web Apps run on the iPad, well...Versions of CS Apps seemed SharePoint Phobic...way Office apps do, but it was able to

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