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Thoughts from the Home of Country Music

I am actually referring to the AIIM Document Management Service Provider Executive Forum that took place a few weeks ago in USA’s very own “Music City,” Nashville, Tennessee. I gained a lot of insight during the event on industry topics ranging from increasing targeted website traffic, fiscal leadership, offshore outsourcing, and Sharepoint.AIIM President, John Mancini , gave a great presentation on the state of the document management service provider industry, which revealed results from AIIM research and a survey on end user drivers, adoption, and implementation obstacles

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Managing Profiles and Preferences: Customer-centric Content

Ever visit the web site of a financial services provider you’re a customer of, and been impressed with the level of data available, the degree of personalization, the interactive tools – only to click on a form you have to fill out to complete a transaction and discover it’s a static PDF that you can’t fill out online? Yep, that’s right: Send the PDF to the printer, get out your pen, fill out the form, stick the document in an envelope, then find a stamp and stick it in the nearest mailbox, and the nice people at your financial services provider will then scan and index the document you’ve worked so hard to “transmit” to them

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Big Data or Big Mistake

I complained about this treatment in an online forum (yes, a newsgroup) and an IBM salesman from Toronto reached out to me offering to make the sale

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