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"Ordnung schaffen & Ordnung halten" | Bericht von der Records Management Konferenz 2014

Records Management Konferenz 2014 - ist das Thema endlich in Deutschland angekommen?

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Document Management and Records Management. . .What’s The Difference?

Document management and records management sound very much alike, don’t you think?

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Records Management 2.0

Most of the major social media tools are free, or at such low cost compared to more traditional content management and collaboration tools that they might as well be

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Records Management - Conformance Testing

***The views expressed in this blog are my personal views and not the views/thoughts of my employer*** Records Management Conformance Testing Programmes. Last week I mentioned Conformance Testing Programmes in my blog regarding the advantages of a good Records Management Programme

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Tweeting for Records Management

I was listening to a day-long presentation on Records Management and developments in the industry by Dr

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Wanted: Information Management Policies

Under System Administration: tasks, documentation, policies like disaster recovery, hardware and change management Portal Administration: the same, but instead of geographic locations, the appropriate way to document releases and upgrades are discussed And content management appears under the extranet. Application usage skirts information management and concludes with an open call for volunteers to be SharePoint administrators (!): Site provisioning Site management Storage quotas Document management Content management For inspiration, I turned to my own library of SharePoint 2007 manuals that I bought beginning that year

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Differences between Enterprise Content Management & Records Management in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Understanding and Overcoming Records Management Challenges So many organizations throughout the globe have not implemented successful records management initiatives because of the inherit difficulty applying retention policies to content

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The Future of Records Management

In all types of industries and businesses, Records Management Departments control, watch over and maintain millions upon millions of records on a daily basis. For many years, records management involved large collections of data using filing systems and typically physical records

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Records Management and eDiscovery Converge!

Upcoming deadlines to comply with the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive and growing eDiscovery demands, along with the accelerated pace of new technology adoption are changing the records management landscape and bringing together records managers, legal and IT in a transition towards a broader Information Governance (IG) strategy that integrates records management and eDiscovery processes

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#ControltheChaos with Records Management Software

Many organizations have purchased robust e-discovery, email archive and document management solutions, hoping to #ControltheChaos...Records Management Software!...It’s GPS for Records Management

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