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Records Management - Conformance Testing

/thoughts of my employer*** Records Management...Records Management Programme. I would like to...context of Records Management why do we need...Records Management 2/ provides an insight as

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How to manage policy and procedure documents in SharePoint

policy management software that integrates...'s document management features can system, please look (and contribute...) at " Policy Management Software

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Not Your Fault? Still Your Problem

management Failure to enforce policy Getting...#ElectronicRecordsManagement #policy #Records-Management

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Twitter and Ediscovery on a Collision Course?

What happens when thousands of people break privacy laws and a court injunction while tweeting? We may be about to find out. In England, a show called Footballers Wives is about all the naughty things beautiful people (at least on TV) get up to with the deadly combination of too much time,...

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