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Records Management - Conformance Testing

***The views expressed in this blog are my personal views and not the views/thoughts of my employer*** Records Management Conformance Testing Programmes. Last week I mentioned Conformance Testing Programmes in my blog regarding the advantages of a good Records Management Programme

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Policy and Procedure Management-A lot Like Dating

Policy and Procedure Management-A lot Like Dating Creation-Part I Although the main objectives are always pretty simple, policy and procedure management is a complicated task and often times can be difficult to fully grasp and understand

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

The Board measures revenues and expenses, as reported by Management and confirmed by Audit...Management measures as well, but in more detail

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Not Your Fault? Still Your Problem

Story after story depicts folly after folly, and a lot of the time, the issues underneath are just like yours: Poor email management Failure to enforce policy Getting lost in the detail and forgetting the bigger picture Today's post (and others to come) draws on recent political silliness to make a key point: namely that it is critical to extend your policies to the people and parties you work with on the outside, and to figure out how to get them to follow your lead so their actions don't get you in trouble

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How to manage policy and procedure documents in SharePoint

To view all of the features for a policy management system, please look (and contribute) at " Policy Management Software - Features " on, or find out how DocRead for Sharepoint can help with ensuring policies are distributed and acknowledged

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 2 of 3

Management 6...Management Fifth, there is the Management, which in turn is divided into three parts: first, the officers; second, senior management; and, third, line management

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Data Governance is not about Data - critical for content too

These are technology driven distinctions and should not be affecting business policy on information management. Read why here

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Twitter and Ediscovery on a Collision Course?

What happens when thousands of people break privacy laws and a court injunction while tweeting? We may be about to find out. In England, a show called Footballers Wives is about all the naughty things beautiful people (at least on TV) get up to with the deadly combination of too...

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